Proposal C-366
April 1, 2016 Loss Cost Filing

On December 8, 2015, the PCRB made a loss cost filing with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. That filing, designated as Proposal C-366, proposed revisions to loss costs and related rating values effective April 1, 2016.

A complete listing of the proposals and supporting information comprising the PCRB’s April 1, 2016 loss cost filing appears below. Clicking on each listed item will allow you to review and/or download the filing materials as needed.

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Filing Letter
Brown Book
Actuarial and Classification & Rating Committees Minutes
Discussion of Casualty Actuarial Society's "Statement of Principles Regarding Property and Casualty Unpaid Claims Estimates" (corrected December 17, 2015)
Index and Supporting Classification Exhibits
Class Book
Exhibit 5 Table I - Summary of Financial Call Data
Exhibit 6 Paid & Incurred Loss Development & Trend
Exhibit 7 Tail Factors for Loss Development

Exhibit 8

Claim Frequencies
Exhibit 9a Measures of Goodness of Fit in Trend Calculations Using Loss Ratios
Exhibit 9b Measures of Goodness of Fit in Trend Calculations Using Severity Ratios
Exhibit 10 Graphs of Indemnity and Medical Loss Ratios
Exhibit 11a Retrospective Test of Trend Projections for Loss Ratios
Exhibit 11b Retrospective Test of Trend Projections for Severity Ratios
Exhibit 12 Indicated Change in Loss Costs
Exhibit 13 Loss Based Assessments and Employer Assessment Factor
Exhibit 14 Pennsylvania Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program (PCCPAP)
Exhibit 15 Merit Rating Plan Off-Balance Indications
Exhibit 16 Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee Program Offset
Exhibit 17 Loss Cost Formulae
Exhibit 18a Review of Experience Rating Plan Results - Uncapped Experience Modification Values
Exhibit 18b Review of Experience Rating Plan Results - Capped Experience Modification Values
Exhibit 19 Review of Experience Rating Plan Parameters
Exhibit 20a Table II
Exhibit 20b Table III
Exhibit 20c Table IV
Exhibit 22 Empirical Pennsylvania Loss Distribution (corrected December 17, 2015)
Exhibit 23 Excess Loss (Pure Premium) Factors
Exhibit 24 State & Hazard Group Relativities
Exhibit 25 Loss Elimination Ratios
Exhibit 26 Retrospective Development Factors
Exhibit 27 Table B
Exhibit 28 Loss Costs and Expected Loss Factors
Exhibit 29 Tests of Indicated & Selected Loss Costs
Exhibit 30 Distribution of Loss Cost Percentage Changes
Exhibit 34 Evaluation of House Bill 1846 of 2014



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