Following are all Pennsylvania Statistical Plan Manuals effective July 1, 2000 or later, presented in their entirety in Adobe pdf file format. Any technical questions regarding accessing, printing, etc. these files should be directed to the PCRB's DP Operations Department at Extension 4404.

Questions regarding Manual content should be directed to Bonnie Piacentino at (215) 320-4456.

New Electronic and Paper Manual Procedures

With the advent of the electronic Manuals on the PCRB website the following procedures will be in effect. Users of PCRB Manuals should be guided accordingly.

Manual Issuance

A new complete Manual will be issued with a specific effective date each time a change or addition is made to manual rules, definitions, procedures, and/or statistical classifications. Each new Manual (an electronic version in the form of a pdf file) will be available for no charge on the PCRB website under "Manuals" with the appropriate effective date.

Electronic Manual users will have the option to select the specific Manual they desire. The additions and/or changes that became effective on each electronic Manual's effective date will be highlighted and linked to the appropriate PCRB Circular announcing the addition or change. Manual language not changing or being added on a given Manual's effective date will not be highlighted or linked. This convention will allow easy identification of the most recent changes incorporated into any electronic version of the Manual.

In addition to the free access to electronic Manuals on the PCRB's website, each new Manual issued will be available for purchase from the PCRB. CD or paper copies are available by written request to Cookie Simpson of the PCRB's Administrative Services Department via email or at Extension 4487.

Current prices (subject to change without notice) are shown for reference:

CD $15.00 - All PA shipping locations require 7% Sales Tax 
Each CD will contain the most current Manual.

Paper Copy $75.00 - All PA shipping locations require 7% Sales Tax
Each paper copy Manual will contain the Manual for one specified effective date only. Each separately issued paper copy Manual will be subject to a separate charge. At the discretion of the PCRB, separate Manual pages may be offered at a reduced charge to update an existing paper Manual for a subsequent effective date on which only limited additions and/or changes are being made.

Electronic Manual Maintenance

From time to time it may be necessary to make editorial changes to an existing electronic Manual. Examples of these types of changes would include correction of misspelled words, incorrect punctuation and unintended formats. These changes would not be of a substantive nature that would change the meaning of Manual language or require formal filing of the changes and/or announcement of revised Manual revisions.

In order to allow all Manual users to recognize instances in which editorial changes have been made to an existing Manual previously posted on the PCRB's web site in electronic form, the most current Manual version will be designated as "Refreshed mm/dd/yy".

Consistent with prevailing historical practice, any substantive change(s) to a Manual that would change the meaning or application of Manual language will continue to be made via appropriate filings and will be designated as Rev. (revised). Announcements of such Manual changes will be made to members and a complete new Manual with an appropriate effective date will be issued.

Manual Maintenance Terms

"Refreshed mm/dd/yy" - recognizes instances in which editorial changes have been made to the most current version of an existing Manual.

"Rev." - indicates that a Manual has had a material change(s) requiring posting of a new version after it was originally issued.

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Manual effective dates
2018 4/1  
2017 1/1 5/1
2016 7/1 -
2014 10/1 -
2013 4/1 -
2008 9/1 -
2007 4/1 -
2006 1/1 4/1
Refreshed 4/4/07
2005 10/1
Refreshed 9/7/06
2004 7/1 -
2003 4/1 -
2002 10/1
Rev. 7/21/03
2000 7/1 -