Approval of Workers Compensation Residual Market Rates, Voluntary Market Loss Costs, and Changes to Auditable Payrolls - Effective December 1, 2023


The Delaware Department of Insurance has approved DCRB Amended Filing No. 2304, with overall changes of -13.85% in residual market rates and -10.03% in voluntary market loss costs.

The rates, loss costs and expected loss factors by classification and other rating values, consistent with the Insurance Commissioner’s approval of DCRB Amended Filing No. 2304, will become effective as of 12:01 a.m., December 1, 2023. The amended filing is available in the December 1, 2023 Filing Section of the DCRB website. For additional information, refer to DCRB Circular No. 1028 (Filing No. 2304).

Also included in this filing are the Revisions to Designated Auditable Payrolls and Section 1 Basic Manual Language Amendments.