Credit Card Option Now Available for Deposit Premium Payments in Delaware Insurance Plan Manager


In a series of ongoing improvements, the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau (DCRB) announces a new enhancement to the Delaware Insurance Plan Manager (DIPM) application tool. Effective January 29, 2024, agents and employers can now conveniently pay their deposit premiums using credit cards.

Previously, the DCRB exclusively facilitated electronic payments for deposit premiums through Automated Clearing House (ACH). However, recognizing the evolving needs of its users, the bureau has partnered with Stripe, a renowned third-party payment processor, to introduce credit card processing.

The update not only diversifies the payment methods but also provides the advantage of immediate fund validation. The inclusion of credit card payments is expected to significantly expedite the overall payment processing times, offering seamless and efficient experience for agents and employers utilizing the DIPM application tool. The DCRB remains committed to continuous enhancements to better serve its stakeholders in the residual market.